Cyrille is a world-class mix engineer who’s a pleasure to work with. He’ll communicate with you to achieve the sound that you’re looking for and it will sound great! He did an amazing job on my Lenny Kravitz - “Low (Jaxx De Luxe Remix)”. The “Low” remix package pushed the single to number 1 on the Billboard Dance Chart!

Jaxx De Luxe

Working with Cyrille has been one of the most rewarding recording experiences I've ever had. What I like the most is the professional environment that he creates and he also has an innate ability to know what the session needs. It's almost like Cyrille has a 6th sense , he just knows where things should land and ability to capture record and assist with what the song needs. 

The turnaround is very quick, and he has the knowledge and ability to access tools to help the session. I love working with him. 

FLIP from Talk Shop

Working with Cyrille is like working with an incredibly passionate multi talented music producer who’s only focus is music. Eager to learn, he is constantly challenging himself producing, perfecting sounds, playing, supporting, nurturing, connecting with the performers and the musicians.
His aim is to better the tracks, he becomes your music’s best friend. Not only that but he is also really fun to be around, it’s nice when musicians (like me) often get so intense… would definitely work with him again!!

Remy De Laroque

Over 10 years after we recorded my album “Rocking Chair”, it sounds as amazing as ever.  Cyrille’s technical skill and creative instincts worked beautifully together as he guided the songs to their beautiful fruition.  I loved working with him and would do so again in a heartbeat.

Dan Strauss

Working with Cyrille has been a great adventure. His talent is matched only by his ability to listen, his kindness and his humor. It's so important during long sessions! He knows how to be at the service of the project while being a constant source of ideas and solving any technical problems. The best without a doubt!

Carine et JL Puyo aka Bubblies

 I simply can’t find enough ways to recommend Cyrille. Being an independent musician the choice of mix engineer is a vital decision in my work and having now had the pleasure to work with Cyrille on numerous occasions that decision has become easy and evident. When it is time to mix my recordings I call Cyrille simple as that. I have worked with many engineers and mixers from Dublin to New York to Los Angeles but none have the capacity to take the material to the next level as Cyrille. His instincts and sonic know how are second to none. I am never disappointed but rather absolutely thrilled every time as he takes my ideas and turns them into something fantastic. He is my mixer of choice and I am always looking to work with him. Do yourself a favor and call him for your next project. You won’t be disappointed.

Joe Mc Cormack