Mixing is an art and a science.

I bring 20+ years of experience in recording studios to help achieve your vision. My mix process has been refined over time and I am confident that I can deliver great mixes “in the box” at a great price.

Using my StereoMation Mixing System (SMS) and my Bass Optimization System (BOS), I craft mixes that transcend any playback system and ensure universal compatibility. I strive to deliver clear, controlled and powerful mixes that convey your message efficiently.

What does the “mix package” include?

A stereo mix file of your song plus up to 12 stereo “stems” of the layers making the mix, plus an Instrumental version of the mix, plus a “TV track” a.k.a. “Karaoke” version, plus a Full Acapella version.

I will also include Dolby Atmos® objects for each track that can be used in the future for remixes in Dolby Atmos® format.

The goal of delivering this many mixes and sub-mixes is to future-proof your song’s creative and earning potential.


You may need/want specific “extra” audio files delivered or editing services for your song(s).

Please contact me about these options as they are not included in the regular mix package price.